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January 06, 2013, 13:40

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If you had any idea what a successful rapper truly was, you wouldn't be posting such an atrocity of a comment like this. Go home kid.

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The X-Wings were not the only squadron sent. There was the Red Squadron of X-Wings, Gold Squadron of Y-Wings, Blue Squadron of X-Wings (in the script and novelization red and blue are swapped) and Green Squadron - presumably Y-Wings. There were additional ships involved on top of this including a couple of A-Wings but there were definitely 4 squadrons not one.

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Where is the 100 thumbs up button?

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Why is breastfeeding better for the baby?

In all fairness - the documentary is clearly set after RotJ -- note how the voice over mentions that the "family" is obsessed with ruling the galaxy, details of Leia being Luke's sister was not even revealed to her until RotJ, and would not have been public knowledge in the SW universe until much later... viagra online uk for Louis Vuitton Handbag;

I wish I had that lol

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Yep can I buy one of these right now because these comments make me want to take one really badly.

Wow. I should have guessed that someone would throw in some anti-religious comment. This video has nothing to do with religion, so the comment section should follow suit.

Njdx1 probably had no childhood haha. How sad

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Must have been really hard and time-consuming to make the part with the real clock. ;-)

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Wow nice profile picture you fucking slut

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@peter739 Oh you're still alive then...still struggling with my modeling career actually :( brand cialis 20 I love this haha,  awesome comments

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Why do people have colored skin and some dont

do u wear head protection on a regular roller coaster? NO!  at least the guy did have a seat belt.

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