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September 20, 2012, 19:07

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Evidently you care more because we understand it to be a parody, whereas you take it seriously.

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why is the internant is adicting?

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The Guy who made this video is maybe dead already, the vid was made 43 years ago XD viagra pro online After taking this I started watching reality tv

Or maybe they were both in on it and you got double trolled? ;) buy low price viagra This guy just called black people stupid lol. All they do is listen to hip-hop, watch mtv, and hate white people because they're different/smarter than they are.

Looks like fun!

loved this. Also I'd like to point out something missed: Vader was flying in the a 1 of a kind prototype T.I.E. fighter that hand shields and a hyperdrive, things not found on any of other Imperial fighters used in combat that day; convenient, no? :p

In 1917, Tesla invents Electric Arc Aircraft that would "turn every atom of the (WTC) on 9/11 to de-materialized whitened ashes".

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Why each time a see a cute girl I want to fuck her ..??

Why do people laugh ?

youtube.com/watch?v=2a_EA2H4pN­w or WALKEROFFICIALMUSIC channel


Credits Vader as being the highest in command. He wasn't even in command even in a small way until Empire.

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That's a first. I admit that's an unexpected toy to make. Blows the treefort idea out of the water! :) buy low price viagra I hate stupid people...what is iq :)

Fucking nerds it's a MOVIE!!!

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Which is worse: under-eating or over-eating?

3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]


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Who could split "Alderaan/Earth" in Two? 1912, "Nikola Tesla, Dreamer" published in World Today, artist's illustration showing EARTH CRACKING IN HALF the caption, "Tesla claims that in a few weeks he could set the earth's crust into such a state of vibration that would practically destroy civilization. wikipedia org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla

IB students aren't allowed to sleep

i would say # 1 DAD

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Remember Me?

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