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December 24, 2012, 04:55

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If you haven't seen "Loose Change" then this is lost on you. In the original, the narrator mispronounced several words...which makes this all the more brilliant.

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Representin PEI with a viral video. Fuckin eh

Yeah, the original actor pissed lucas off between the briefing filming and the cockpit filming


Countless tests have actually failed to prove that IQ is hereditary, I believe that the reason for low IQ scores amongst (many, not all) blacks is caused by their geography or where they were raised. People raised in "bad" neighborhoods usually have poor IQ's regardless of race. Most people in third world countries, not just blacks in third world countries, also have poor IQ scores.

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If by genetic factors you mean lead in water lines, soil, and air then yes, the genetic factors caused it. Allthough I would like to see how people's habitat had an affect on this. I suppose if we were to look up how much lead was in a given area, and what races of people were more likely to be in that area, we might find the cause of the "Genes."

That White colonialism caused all of the problems in the world is anti-White propaganda. Whites clearly had a net positive effect on most of the countries they colonized. Even Obama's half-brother admitted as much. Black African countries that were never really touched by Whites (like Ethiopia) are even worse off than the black African countries that were (like South Africa). Low-IQ blacks clearly need the guiding hand of the White Man in order to develop. free viagra

a real roller coaster also holds a several ton car with upwards of 36 people at a time... not just a plastic car with a 4 year old in it viagra without prescription So...did Han shoot first?

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Something everyone can relate to.... Why do we feel anxiety (depersonlization) and other stuff.

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Why does it take aome people 5 mins to fall asleep and others half hour or longer weather being tired or not free viagra

Is a zebra black with white stripes or hite with black stripes? accutane for sale online AWESOME !!! Best stuff I've seen in a while. Nicely built too. The dad of the year award goes to this guy. Thumbs up bro.

Is hearing music to fall asleep bad? free viagra How did other regions learn how to speak a foreign language without translators ?



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