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December 07, 2012, 04:53

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I love it but i'm not sure whether he's being sarcastic or not

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Why the fuck did I just watch the whole video... cheapest uk supplier viagra @MoshpitComedy it is because blood flow is slightly cut off to that area of your body, and when you wake up blood returns to those areas, which causes pain known as pins and needles

 buy duscount viagra online That's a satyre meant to explain that there's no real value to be part of the majority, unlike what they keep saying on TV, in order to numb our will and conscience.

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Coolest dad ever!

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How does hight work and how can you get taller?

I have an IQ of about 130-140. This is actually the real reason for my former drug abuse and alcoholism at 20 years old. It wasn't a conscious decision, but, very much so, my subconscious gravitation towards drugs and alcohol was for this reason; to become part of a majority. After quitting abruptly a year ago, suddenly, my friends were stupid and I completely detached from their lives. True story. Sadly, I'm socially retarded and consequentially have no friends once again.


It is very unlikely that groups of hominids separated for tens of thousands of years developed identical physical and mental characteristics. The former half holds true in that we can see the differences, the latter is a touch more subjective.

No, it isn't. I forget what it is exactly, but the average global human IQ is about 90 I believe. 100 is indeed the rough global average White IQ. And I have mentioned Northeast Asians. And no, they don't have an average IQ over 120. But yes, a couple Northeast Asian countries do indeed have slightly higher average IQs than White European countries. And no, that doesn't go against my arguments. Please don't respond to my comments. I'm already overloaded with retards.

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Beautiful childhood!!! =)

So should you go to sleep earlier if you want to get up earlier?

Fucking nerds it's a MOVIE!!!

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hi viagrafree samples 3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

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Debt Star :)

Love it his son is having so much fun.. it looks like he took his time to make it latch on tight I would let my child use it he could add a helmet but we never used them when we were young and did crazy stuff and dirt bikes etc..


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Remember Me?

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