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February 08, 2013, 14:04

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The Guy who made this video is maybe dead already, the vid was made 43 years ago XD

Damn that kid is having a hell of a childhood

The World is ruled by dumb people, they are known as politicians.

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]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] buy internet viagra pills don't help against idiots. AK47 or any regular 9mm for particular cases solve problem permanently :) too bad law is against such a solution. but then, laws are oftenly also made by idiots (who woud do something useful, instead of politics) if theye were only capable of it.

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it doesnt look dangerous at all lol. it looks well made and sturdy

Долбаёбов и так хватает, по крайней мере в России, если вам их мало, то пожалуйста жрите и тупейте ебанутые создания, желаю вам успехов! buy internet viagra che man ak nadie habla en castellano???????? jeje xD

Go listen to Pitbull and lil wayne. lol best line ever. Not a hater but all of you fans, really?


Wow that's a really loving father. I hope the kid doesn't turnout to be a douche when he grows up

What makes us left handed right handed or ambidextrous

I work nights. My sleeping cycle is 3 hours. I realized that when I am really sleepy, a good one hour sleep in better than 5-6 hours when not so tired. I learned to maximize- Sometimes a 20 min. nap charges me up better...Does it make any sense to you?

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@howard576 Heyya time to clean the browser history again :/ buy internet viagra How do we get tickled, why r we tickle less, it's just so weird so. Plz confuse me with your big words.

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Man reading through comments I HATE BUSINESS BLOGGERS GET A LIFE DAM.... buy internet viagra

LED 3D HDTV: Panasonic 65-inch 3D LED HDTV Price:0 buy generic viagra online 1. Tony------My boyfriend!

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Bornig, but this is great.

Tesla's essay on WMD's

Nikola Tesla invented "Time Travel" "Faster-than-Light" and "Teleportation". Maybe you should Google it and stop looking like a troll. buy internet viagra

How important are teeth? To the human body... cheap no prescription viagra WILL ANYONE DO THAT?

But I try to get a routine sleep schedule! I just can't! buy internet viagra hjkh

3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

Could there ever be a virus that raises the dead?

I don't have a snooze button. But I do turn the alarm off and go back to bed. I wake up a full 2 hours before I have to be at work. It only takes 15 minutes to walk to work. That's an hour and 45 minutes to sleep. My alarm wakes me at 9:30 am and I go back to sleep and usually wake back up by 10 am or maybe a little later. Now that I know about the sleep schedule I think that I'm still performing it because I'm not using the snooze. I usually feel really good when I get up this way.

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