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February 08, 2013, 14:04

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The information in this video is false. Footage of Wedge Antilles "missing" exhaust port is false. Wedge never actually takes an attack run on the port, but rather acts as the rear guard for Luke throughout his run. I am truly sickened by this failed attempt at Star Wars conspiracy. Also, R2-D2 was not built by Anakin Skywalker and Leia Organa's name at the time of this attack was Leia Organa, not Leia Organa-Solo. Please get your facts straight. I'm disgusted.

You should fall asleep around 10:40 PM or 12:10 AM to wake up energized.

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Tesla Misc Inventions: Cosmic Rays, Plasma, Ball Lighting, Neutrino, Ether, Fusion, Faster-than-Light, Interplanetary Communications, Teleportation, Matter/Thought Projection, Invisibility, Mind Control, Healing Devices, Cosmic Ray Motor, 1931 Elecric Car, Electric Arc Aircraft, TV machine, Recording Devices, Gravity Motor, Metal Analyzer, Underground Locator, Translator device, Flying Machine buy internet viagra Or maybe they were both in on it and you got double trolled? ;)

I want the plans so i can build one

Yes i did notice that most of the worlds population is stupid. I also noticed that most of them spend there time on youtube writing dumb comments.

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this seams like a joke to me, just because i have such high iq.

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Why is grass green?

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Why are there so many misguided dumb people in America where someone like Obama gets elected twice?


This is A joke you idiots... Maybe I need to take one myself

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I think you mean phaser, which are featured in Star Trek, not Star Wars. It was a good try, though. buy internet viagra

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Your an awesome dad. Your kid is having the time of his life. Memories for life. Priceless

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