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September 20, 2012, 11:35

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What causes nightmares and happy dreams I would really like to know this

I hope you can answer my burning question. I love you guys and I can understand you. What is insomnia?\

Kidzbop411 ummmm I don't know either but good question

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im sure you'd be saying that once your kid cracks their face open free viagra ▲✔▲✔▲✔Forgive but do not forget, or you will be hurt again. Forgiving changes the perspectives. Forgetting loses the lesson.

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i know the answer to one of ur questions. why does popcorn pop? it pops because inside of the kernal, there is the peice of popcorn, u can c this by biting into one. it pops when there is heat and oxygen added to this solution mixture (the kernal). that's what makes the outside crack o^pen to release the popcorn inside.

翻墙来顶 路过

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i prefer Monte Carlo

Bro, you're thinking to hard on this.


I want one!

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buy viagra other drug online look at how close the kid's head is when he goes around the tree, if he tilts a bit more he will lose some hair and bits of his head.

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and most of the people run world in various ways are very dumb.

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that is one lucky man. being able to provide that child with something that obviously thrilled her and made her happy, is something that some of us would love to do but will never get the chance. that yunggin made me smile. buy sildenafil viagra 

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iq isn't a real measurement of intelligence and those who think it is are pretty dumb

father of the year! great job man!

i would say # 1 DAD buy cheap viagra

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The moron is the one who believes that he's intelligent enough over others and thinks he's a God of Knowledge... No one is intelligent enough in life, everyone has his own sector in which he qualifies and the knowledge you have always needs to be updated with present affairs.

Dude fcking no liver this movie Sucks anyway

Your busted, Alliance scum !!

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Remember Me?

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