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November 01, 2012, 17:11

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Is society getting more idiotic with horrible grammar?

So...did Han shoot first?

Which is worse: under-eating or over-eating?

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In all fairness - the documentary is clearly set after RotJ -- note how the voice over mentions that the "family" is obsessed with ruling the galaxy, details of Leia being Luke's sister was not even revealed to her until RotJ, and would not have been public knowledge in the SW universe until much later...

wish my dad made me one haha

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its the bodies way of getting oxygen to the brain i believe :)


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The average IQ of the human race is 100, not of whites, so by suggesting that, logic implies that a third group, (asians are the only other major group you haven't mentioned) has an average IQ of over 120, and thus smarter than "whites", which kind of goes against your arguments. Please remember to know what an IQ is before posting. buy generic viagra I wanna try

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Yes, and why would the empire intrust one of the rebel leaders imprisoned in carbon freeze to a bounty hunter. The whole cloud city incident doesn't make sense either.

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This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. I can relate to it because I have noticed so much ignorance and simple-mindedness around me. But I will never reduce my IQ. I'd rather be one of the outsiders like Lisa Simpson or whoever. X) cheap man viagra In what way? What did I say that was hypocritical?

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Because we are Homo sapiens and all homo sapiens have the same trait and body parts..

▲✔▲✔▲✔Don't bite off more than you can chew because nobody looks attractive spitting it back out.

This one must bother everyone:

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Best dad ever! I wish I was your son!

That's why I hate school...

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