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November 01, 2012, 17:11

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At first i just have internet and youtube and now i'm making /hour just for uploading videos on youtube.

Yes, there might be something wrong with you. Go see a doctor.

Im not sure, but I think this douche just offended me.

In fact, super intelligent people tend to be a bit misanthropic. After all, it's not easy to deal with dumb individuals. natural viagra

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the construction company thing was a bit odd :)

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1961 - Eisenhower warns of the Military Industrial Complex run by the Scientific Technocratic Elite


how can some people breath and sing at the same time ?

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Brilliant! I love it. cheap man viagra What is worse under eating or eating too much ?

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People who are willing to get off their a** to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.

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If you were born the opposite gender, would you be yourself? natural viagra

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You mean the Helicopters that were closest to the WTC Towers before they Dustified, one Tossing A Line To The Roof? natural viagra Where can I order a -50? I'll need about two of those, that way I can be 180 again

Why do you twitch when you sleep? or Why do you feel something when you sleep like for example falling while ice skating in your dreams but you feel it in real life?

Y do people sleep

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