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June 24, 2012, 12:40

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▲✔▲✔▲✔It's a dangerous thing when you have love without faith and trust... No one wants to feel unsure when they give their heart away.

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I really what these answered I would appreciate it highly man

Uh, no. They weren't. Virtually all of the countries conquered by Whites thrived under their rule and benefited from the advanced infrastructure they left behind. The utter collapse of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe after the Marxist black nationalists guilted the Whites into surrendering is the perfect example. Black Sub-Saharan Africans didn't even use the wheel, written language or build two storey buildings before White colonialists showed up. Likewise for the USA and Canada. free viagra sample

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I think it looks a little dangerous, but AWESOME! So long as the kid is strapped in, the child should be fine. It's awesome to see a parent spending TIME with and on their child, and for putting in a LOT of extra effort to see them happy. :) free viagra sample OK, that was just AWESOME. Well done!!!

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What do dreams actually mean?

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*parody, and a joke. It's not supposed to be accurate or realistic.

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Beautiful childhood!!! =) walmart cialis price Nice

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THen yu can get all subjective about it and say it takstes good/bad or whatever.

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I sleep for 6 hours every night period. free viagra sample This is so true. I'm on a schedual when I don't work I stay up later and wake up an hour before my alarm. I don't usually get tired hitting the snooze button. But that might be due to the fact I usually get 8 or 9 hours any ways

Where's the comments of this guy being an unfit parent lol.

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No way am I waking up at on weekends.

you're missing the important of the comment, where he calls it a stunt. Implying that there was at some point an actual explosion on a Death Star.

ya that is what it sounds like when you twist star wars

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YOU WILL BE SURPRISED. levitra 100mg uk "Vaccines" anyone?

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wow, it looks like minusIQ really works! here's an example of the effects on a 70- IQ person

I could just see him comming out and hitting his noggin on that tree

Great vid, Graham! But i think you're a little prone to the "Conspiracy Theories", sometime things are just what they seem.

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Remember Me?

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