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January 08, 2013, 10:19

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but the third time... I realise how sad it can be... the most of what he's saying has too much truth behind it (the pills aside of course)


1. Tony------My boyfriend!

And in the end Luke made the shot because Obi Wan told him "Use the force Luke" :P :D purchase viagra online

That's great. Good jawb :) buy duscount viagra online Very funny! Good stuff man and very well done.

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The World is ruled by dumb people, they are known as politicians.

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The 500 TerraWatt Laser at LLNL & CERN are Tesla's Inventions:

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@brett938 Hi I was just checking my brother browser history actually...I guess I'm the only woman watching this video, lol

for Rolex Watches;

Looks like something phineas and ferb would make



Do a video on Spontaneous Human Combustion. purchase viagra online

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Nice drawings !!!

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As a nerd i cannot help but resist temptation to point out that Anakin Skywalker was in a Tie Interceptor leading two Tie Fighters. But im just kidding man, this i a great video :) cheap viagra in the uk Will this pill allow me to pull out in front of an oncoming vehicle and go much slower than they originally were going?

Nope. It was the driver, the Secret Service. Only the conspirators would say "look over there at the grassy knoll"... diversion purchase viagra online ha

Was thinking the exact same thing while reading the comments

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Why is breastfeeding better for the baby?

What makes us left handed right handed or ambidextrous

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☆¨¯`☆¸.☆¨¯`☆¸¸.☆☆¨¯`☆¸¸.☆¯`☆¸¸­.☆ buy viagra online get prescription It sounds like a joke, but i'm part of the minority of smart people, and as years go by i enjoy it less and less.

bit.ly\WAYYtA?=5fghjk5 purchase viagra online Caue moura me trouxe aqui...

Must have been really hard and time-consuming to make the part with the real clock. ;-)

And both a high IQ and drive to succeed produces the highest performers.

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