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July 28, 2012, 19:52

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@darren610 Hi so bored today


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There's a vSauce video about that. Some scientists believe it's an evolutionary trait so we can all be alert as a group. The contagious yawning effect. One person yawns as a signal to everyone to signal is everyone alert? cheap viagra tablets Is mike the chicken real

Dude, don't fight intolerance with intolerance.

Are you for real?

Go listen to Pitbull and lil wayne. lol best line ever. Not a hater but all of you fans, really?

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And Hurricane Erin on 9/11

do you see kid like this 1 on a real roller coaster ?

This is why I never replaced my alarmed clock after I killed it.

It is perfectly normal, in fact was a survival trait to distrust people who were different.


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Why are there left handed and right handed people? cheap viagra tablets The grammatically correct, civil debate has restored my faith in humanity on YouTube.

Discount Lol I should prob go to sleep.... Pharmacy Price

your words mean nothing to me! i can't count

ya that is what it sounds like when you twist star wars cheap viagra tablets

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take it easy with the hating on the posts on this video... cheap viagra tablets This guy just called black people stupid lol. All they do is listen to hip-hop, watch mtv, and hate white people because they're different/smarter than they are.

This guy trolled you so hard ^^ so i don't know who did overdose ;].

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Which is worse: under-eating or over-eating?

In fact, super intelligent people tend to be a bit misanthropic. After all, it's not easy to deal with dumb individuals.

This seems like a perfect situation to say "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!"

No thank you I think that the idiots will appreciate people making iPhone and iPhone apps and the human race will fall to its doom if everyone became dumb plus I have fun every day of my life without nearly killing myself. cheap viagra tablets

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How does hight work and how can you get taller?

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Remember Me?

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