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August 17, 2012, 12:08

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Is this for freaking real

Who dam cares don't you have something better to do

@jerome592 Oh so bored today

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Really, then why is every device in Star Wars a Nikola Tesla Invention or Patent at the Patent Office?

Hello watch my latest video on my couch freestyle . Yes, its me rapping on my couch completely the first thing that comes to mind thanks .

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Why do dogs get addicted to their owners sometimes

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Discount The true, true brilliance of this video is that it shows just how incredibly easy it is to convince people of ANYTHING. From 911 conspiracies to the theory of evolution: just start with a preconceived idea, connect a few dots, and let people’s imaginations fill in the blanks.  Pharmacy Price

... also, it wasn't 2 feet it was 2 meters.

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Ef global uganda

When people say "life is short". What the hell??? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does!!! What can you do thats longer?

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Try swallowing your food whole and let me know how that turns out for you. viagra oral jelly All due respect to the fallen and I am sure that some day the truth will see the light of day.

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Then, we'll all go right ahead and elect and re-elect the same corrupt politicans who keep us all divided, keep screwing us over, and keep getting us into wars and fights we never wanted in the first place! After that, we'll all go politicize geek vids on YouTube! It'll be great! Great Idea, Limey! Luv It!

a rather high proportion of whites are capable of invention and a large proportion of whites have....hence the world you enjoy now....i know you're indoctrinated to hate white people and it makes you feel better rather than inadequate, which you are but whites have the right to hate back.....especially as you cant control yourselves and can start with the violence at a drop of a hat......


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