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January 24, 2013, 12:28

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Double minus is still minus

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nope the quran, bible and torah is basically the 'product information' that comes in every box

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The first one has to be Rob D - Clubbed To Death, a few others are from the Matrix Soundtrack, too. The one that starts at I'm not sure, it slips my mind as I try to name it.

NEWS FLASH! This Video is MOCKING ALL OF YOU "TRUTHER" NUTTS! Some of you are amazingly DUMB not to figure this out!

do you wear a helmet on a real roller coaster?

do you see kid like this 1 on a real roller coaster ?

The world is a much better place when you're dumb. female viagra

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Most people really are moronic, Lil Wayne is just a popular moron.

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i got a bike for my 4th birthday....

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Why do we imagine things?

2. SIGN up (no personal info needed) and put the BONUS CODE ''happy20'' during sign up


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Why do we day dream? cheap generic viagra online Because literal interpreters of the bible are the only people willing to oppose irrefutable evidence in favor of theory of evolution

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Must have been really hard and time-consuming to make the part with the real clock. ;-)

its a crime against humanity!


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Remember Me?

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