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December 05, 2012, 09:28

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That's a satyre meant to explain that there's no real value to be part of the majority, unlike what they keep saying on TV, in order to numb our will and conscience.

What is the driving force behind his economy?

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Darth Vader = George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. (aka George Herbert Walker Scherff JR), Nikola Tesla's attorney and accountant up until Tesla's death. (Wikipedia/Tesla's FBI File)

I sense a conspiracy.

Wake up, sheeple!!

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This is so cool. I wish i could have thought of this when my kids were small. Great imagination generic viagra It also helps if instead of a real vocabulary, you replace it with catchphrases or just watch daytime TV, but not too much, you could risk retardation.

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@phillip547 Hey I was just spying my cousin browser history actually...I guess I'm the only woman around here, haha 

im sure you'd be saying that once your kid cracks their face open

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im calling child services

well, well

Try swallowing your food whole and let me know how that turns out for you.

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