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February 09, 2013, 10:09

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@tom734 Hi I was just spying my brother browser history really...I guess I'm the only woman watching this video, haha

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People who are willing to get off their a** to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.

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WHY DO I HAVE A LARGE PENIS? cheap pharmacy viagra Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­oooooow, go cry faggot

@kent896 Oh I was just spying my nephew browser history actually...I am pretty sure I'm the only female around here, lol viagra without prescription for Rolex Watches;

This pill is quite behind on technology. There's a much easier way to lose IQ, simply read YouTube comments.

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and I checked with the bbb and was told that it is all legit How they can sell gift cards, laptops, ,, viagra without prescription I like how a White guy does something amazing that the average liberal couldn't do if his life depended on it, so the liberal tries to make it sound less important by calling it "redneck."

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@mazoom87 It's a good question, we may never know.

What's the science of lost time, like when your having fun an hour can seem like a minute.

That is so cool!

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but similarly, high iq means arrogance (often) and that leads to classification which leads to annoyance & segregation. viagra without prescription do u wear head protection on a regular roller coaster? NO!  at least the guy did have a seat belt.

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The phaser was invented by Nikola Tesla. A device that turns your molecules out-of-phase, dustify.

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Darth Vader = George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. (George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr), Nikola Tesla's attorney and accountant viagra without prescription omfg, looking sick


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Are you asserting that a conspiracy theorist made a factual error? Unthinkable.


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True, no ones battling for the "Top Spot" of IQ. Although I feel there is plenty of battle going on for the bottom spot ;P cheap viagra canada Thanks! :)

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Could there ever be a virus that raises the dead?

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Why would u want to be stupid

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