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August 15, 2012, 16:35

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The World is ruled by dumb people, they are known as politicians.


Blacks in America voted with their feet. Most rejected the offer to be relocated back to Liberia after they were freed. That's because they knew their quality of life was better in America, even under racial segregation, than it was back in Africa. And keep in mind that most blacks brought to America as slaves were already slaves to rival blacks and arab muslims. Would you rather be a slave in America or Africa? And over 1 million Whites were indeed enslaves by brown skinned muslims. viagrafree samples

They should be using footage from the original movie, not that God-awful enhanced version. watermelon viagra @tom734 Hi I was just spying my brother browser history really...I guess I'm the only woman watching this video, haha

I want one in my back yard this is so cool viagrafree samples Tesla & Tunguska, 1908 - "Ground Zero"

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I HAVE A SCIENCE QUESTION!!! If the Flash were a real person/superhero, what would an object the size and weight of a man moving at near light speed do to the Earth's atmosphere?

The kid went around 100 more times that day

oh I'm very well aware of that, hence why i said there was nothing wrong with the way "color" is spelled

why did you have to burst their bubble? I was enjoying the idiotic comments.

"War is a 1000 Infernos"

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and on another note. for u retards that think whites "invented" slavery and theyre the only ones who used it, plz read a book or 2 it wont hurt u. slavery has been present in mankind since the dawn of time. as soon as small tribes started attacking each other for a small piece of land the slavery was instituted. so just becuase u have a shitty life or have some issues u need solving dont blame it on others just cuz u look at US propaganda of white guilt bullshit and other stuff. viagra and hearing loss Does Sleeping help you grow?

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Apple iPad 4th Gen 32GB Unlocked Wi-Fi+4G 9.7in White Price:0 buy online order viagra Parenting 101. I can hear the mom yelling. What the F**k were u thinking?!

No you didn't. Shut up. viagrafree samples

Also see the Secret Service Stand-Down:

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▲✔▲✔▲✔That's the thing about lessons, you always learn them when you don't expect them or want them.


2. SIGN up (no personal info needed) and put the BONUS CODE 'gonow77' during sign up viagrafree samples

Nice buy online online viagra viagra Not once in my life have I used a timer. I'm barely late.

And you give them the IQ tests tailored for Whites right? viagrafree samples with hard work u can get lower IQ without pills..

As a nerd i cannot help but resist temptation to point out that Anakin Skywalker was in a Tie Interceptor leading two Tie Fighters. But im just kidding man, this i a great video :)

for Rolex Watches;

The kid when he/she screams reminds me of a Rugrat voice.

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Remember Me?

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