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January 16, 2013, 23:33

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@terrence901 Hi there I was just checking my nephew browser history really...I bet I'm the only woman around here, lulz

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Empire is a vague concept. By saying Empire you attempt to classify those "so called empires" as equal to the Roman, Macedonian or the Chinese Empires as an example. They were not. In addition, the so called "civilizations" in Sub-Saharan Africa were practically missing throughout history. What contributions did Sub-Saharan Africa made to the human civilization? Name any major philosophy or a school of thought that emerged from Sub-Saharan Africa and which profoundly changed our way of thinking?

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what does "quiet the pickle" mean?

Why do dogs have an extra nail of its side of their paw?

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what does *anything* taste like....?

I'm pretty sure this is to shove in the face of 9/11 conspiracy theorys

I had friends on that Death Star!!! D": Bastards!

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Why the fuck did I just watch the whole video...

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Alderaan, not Aldebran.

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