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January 16, 2013, 23:33

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he who increase knowlage is given equal amount of sorrow it is up to us if we can bear it or not whit these words i am not sure about this pill so i will continue with my IQ intact

Since there's only one thing ;;of a certain thing, it will taste like the one thing.

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Voice over says no "combat training" -- that is different to flying a ship, and different to hunting.

one thing tho. white and brown and black arent races. pls US americans stop using it as a racial qualification when its only a skin tone nothing else. so if u wanna use a racial types u can say caucasoid, mongoloid (east asians) and  kongoid (formerly negroid). so ure observation of browns in India has nothing to do with different race. most indians from india are still caucasoid. it is indians from america who are mongoloid and therefor mixed with caucasoid as mestizos.

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A little sketchy?

@MoshpitComedy it is because blood flow is slightly cut off to that area of your body, and when you wake up blood returns to those areas, which causes pain known as pins and needles


need german subtitles :O

Look at the the little girl. Her daddy is the happiest father ever!

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hahaha you idiot!

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Why is it that any criticism of evolution automatically makes its believers jump to attacking the Bible?


Why do we get that "pins and needles" feeling in our body after a part of our body, "falls asleep."

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