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February 12, 2013, 09:06

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Umm.. no they didn't, Southern Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Middle-East all suffered from white colonialism (crime, drugs, poverty, war etc.) and were way better before white colonialists, even the Prime Minister of Britain admits it. Yes, Ethiopia was never colonized, but the country was effected by colonialism in political and economical ways and they were occupied by Italians, which caused future wars on territory when they merged countries to Italian East Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia). cialis overnight shipping

I Propose a roman styled scorched earth military campaign to force unity between individial culture sectors. A direct democracy might seem nice but then higher populated areas would have a monopoly. After a couple decades of cohabitation at gunpoint people would become more docile.

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whoa this is amazing cheap generic viagra no prescription a rather high proportion of whites are capable of invention and a large proportion of whites have....hence the world you enjoy now....i know you're indoctrinated to hate white people and it makes you feel better rather than inadequate, which you are but whites have the right to hate back.....especially as you cant control yourselves and can start with the violence at a drop of a hat......

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I envy that you made this. It's so good! You bastard!

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AMAZING and as a dad myself it inspires me to wanna build for my kids.


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