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February 12, 2013, 13:58

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Umm.. no they didn't, Southern Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Middle-East all suffered from white colonialism (crime, drugs, poverty, war etc.) and were way better before white colonialists, even the Prime Minister of Britain admits it. Yes, Ethiopia was never colonized, but the country was effected by colonialism in political and economical ways and they were occupied by Italians, which caused future wars on territory when they merged countries to Italian East Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia).


3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

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it doesnt look dangerous at all lol. it looks well made and sturdy


I blame the Jews! accutane for sale online 3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!!

I just changed my alarm times

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I'll stay with drinking. Thank you. 

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Guy should get the dad of the year award! Listen to that laughter. accutane for sale online

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Hmmm. Well today you must have a high IQ to write an "Average Rap Song" to compete with competition like Jay Z or other very successful rappers. I am saying this because the lyrics to rap are too deep for people like you or most listeners to rap can understand. People with illuminated minds can see and understand the majority mentality can never imagine.

@franklin366 Oh I was just checking my dad browser history really...I guess I'm the only female around here, haha

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Wtf has this to do with political ideology accutane for sale online You + Micheal from Vsauce.


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I'd like know about sleep paralysis

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