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June 24, 2012, 03:22

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Eco friendly DAD power roller-coaster.

this kid should be wearing a helmet, that turn by the tree is dangerous! tsk tsk :(

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wow. this helped cuz i always hit the snooze button

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Why are people trying to use colonialism as a point that white people are smarter. Last time I checked for most of europes hisory it was savages wearing sheepskin with shops that had pictures on the signs because 99% of the population was illiterate. Europe isnt even a good example until the 20th century when they stopped killing themselves a tiny bit

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to the top!!??

Bornig, but this is great.

Awesome! Thanks for making my day!

It's a parody. I'm afraid you're the one who's dumb.

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that's amazing! he built you his own roller-coaster?!

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What are the "SECRET PLANS" hidden by the Rebels in Star Wars?

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That is SOOOO cool.

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that tree looks like a safety hazard...


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