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June 24, 2012, 03:22

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So these are the types of things they do In East LA when they can't afford an Amusement Park


whoa this is amazing

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at which point does a foetus receive its soul? ordering cialias Why are there left handed and right handed people?


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I bet the mother flipped her shit after watching the video

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did you guys not hear the women chuckle at the end sounds like the mom was filming. ordering cialias 

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Cool dad? Is a lesson to be learn from this dad, I am going to do much better with my kids for their happiness. Cool dad?

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Makes more sense than The Phantom Menace. ordering cialias Cool

How come after sitting down after a while an you stand up it gets dark and dizzy?

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True, no ones battling for the "Top Spot" of IQ. Although I feel there is plenty of battle going on for the bottom spot ;P

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The X-Wings were not the only squadron sent. There was the Red Squadron of X-Wings, Gold Squadron of Y-Wings, Blue Squadron of X-Wings (in the script and novelization red and blue are swapped) and Green Squadron - presumably Y-Wings. There were additional ships involved on top of this including a couple of A-Wings but there were definitely 4 squadrons not one.

Taste buds

love it. <3 I wish I were so creative. ;)

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Remember Me?

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