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November 26, 2012, 21:49

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What is this Alderbran you speak of? It's Alderaan dude.

Damn that kid is having a hell of a childhood

whats the science of the cinnamon challenge

omg that kids so happy. lock up the parents take away the kid and their rights. thats should fix the problem viagra pfizer

low-IQ does not necessarily lead to underdevelopment, there were many empires in Africa that were successful before colonization, and black-skin doesn't lead to low IQ, so how about posting something that supports your argument with logic, not just random assumed "facts" brand cialis 20 Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

Edited for accuracy. viagra pfizer awww such a nice dad !!! ;')

Haha, it even makes more sense than that loose change rubbish :D

What makes someone consider smart? Or what makes someone smarter than another

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its the bodies way of getting oxygen to the brain i believe :)

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You + Micheal from Vsauce.

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Who could split "Alderaan/Earth" in Two? cialis overnight shipping ☆¨¯`☆¸.☆¨¯`☆¸¸.☆☆¨¯☆¸¸.☆¯`☆­¸¸­.☆

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3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!

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Then, we'll all go right ahead and elect and re-elect the same corrupt politicans who keep us all divided, keep screwing us over, and keep getting us into wars and fights we never wanted in the first place! After that, we'll all go politicize geek vids on YouTube! It'll be great! Great Idea, Limey! Luv It! cialis super active review What's an iq

So this is what the car salesman i work with are taking!!! it's no wonder why they are so stupid! viagra pfizer

Yes. Just yes

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Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you

Lord Vader loves you. viagra pfizer

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You're right about Vader not being the highest and about Wedge surviving, but I think when they talk about C3PO and R2D2, they meant 3PO was built by Anakin and R2 had the plans, but said it in a confusing way. And while this doesn't really apply, you do have to remember this is in the eyes of a amateur journalist, where literally any rumor can be made "fact". viagra pfizer for NIKE Shoes;

Brilliant! I love it.


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