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December 27, 2012, 11:50

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If by sauce you mean source, simply type "race and IQ charts" into Google Images to see the data on race and intelligence differences. For a more comprehensive discussion on race and intelligence you should read books like "The Bell Curve", "IQ and the Wealth of Nations", "IQ and Global Inequality", etc.

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Oh jesus, more of these retarded white racist claiming that their better than people of other races, because their white, only to be backed up by some old data done by other white racists. Dude, we get that you are insecure about yourself and want to feel better, but piggybacking on accomplishments of others who happend to have the same skin color as you, because that's the only thing common with you and people like Einstein, is just really pathetic and sad.

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tht's it! i learned all of this from my teacher, Ms. Mellciore (mel-kee-or-ee), this year in grade 7.

Yes, I have considered and researched that possibility. Studies have been conducted to control for environmental influences, like the Minnesota transracial adoption study and various twin studies, and they revealed that IQ is mostly genetically inherited. It's widely accepted within the scientific and academic community that racial IQ gaps exist. They just pretend that it doesn't matter out of political correctness. amazon viagra

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Soo why does any kind of sounds sound much Lauder at nigh then during the day like I leasing to music on volume 10 and at night volume 10 sounds like its volume 20 why does this happened please help me understands this please!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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