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September 23, 2012, 19:00

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Actualy IQ includes just critical and linear thinking. Its creator never intended to use it to measure intellingence. Quite contrary it was developed to find mentaly chalanged . Deciding if person is intelligent just by it's IQ is the same as deciding how good is basketball player just by how fast he/she can run .

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This is why I never replaced my alarmed clock after I killed it.

I could just see him comming out and hitting his noggin on that tree

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possibly, but that does not necessarily mean that the difference is caused by race any more than it is caused by location.

Global warming true or not

painfull truth ...

I will take two. Am I still allowed to vote or run for an office or political position after taking these pills?

Do one about anger or anger management

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Discount Do adult teeth ever fall out? How much damage would have to happen? Or.. How much would you have to not brush/clean them before they fell out? Pharmacy Price

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Randal from Clerks was onto something after all.  cialis overnight shipping What is dark matter? And why does it exist

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You + Micheal from Vsauce.

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I didn't  see roller coaster

Didn't really understand some of it but u really good artists

To all the people arguing about religion and politics on this all-in-fun video, I only have one thing to say: "You need to go home and re-think your life."

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Caue moura me trouxe aqui... buy viagra online a href The average intelligence is same across all cultures, the Education is the only missing link. They are a few generations behind in terms of "know-how", but the base intelligence is still the same.

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Give a man any acsent a suit and a false belief that he's been successful only at his expectaions and you have this man only video secretly calling a majority of people dumb and inveyous of people who inherited money from a relative (rich people) dumb video

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What does it really come down to, god or aliens?

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