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July 26, 2012, 06:16

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I will take two. Am I still allowed to vote or run for an office or political position after taking these pills?

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Since George Lucas copied everything from Nikola Tesla. Maybe you should look into Tesla.

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Uh, no. They weren't. Virtually all of the countries conquered by Whites thrived under their rule and benefited from the advanced infrastructure they left behind. The utter collapse of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe after the Marxist black nationalists guilted the Whites into surrendering is the perfect example. Black Sub-Saharan Africans didn't even use the wheel, written language or build two storey buildings before White colonialists showed up. Likewise for the USA and Canada.

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Tesla & Tunguska, 1908 - "Ground Zero"

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first of all, there was only 1 android (c-3po); secondly only the android was built by anakin, and only r2-d2 had any knowledge of the death star and it's weakness. and, finally, as others pointed out, there is no b in alderaan

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It good to.see dad spending time with.his child more father should do the same instead of being missing. viagra super active look at how close the kid's head is when he goes around the tree, if he tilts a bit more he will lose some hair and bits of his head.

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White, elitist, propaganda humor; this guy couldn't write a rap song to save his life. The trouble with a pill like that would be the kids who would try grinding it up and smoking it, end up convinced they can make the World a better place by calling people stupid.

I work nights. My sleeping cycle is 3 hours. I realized that when I am really sleepy, a good one hour sleep in better than 5-6 hours when not so tired. I learned to maximize- Sometimes a 20 min. nap charges me up better...Does it make any sense to you?

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