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July 26, 2012, 06:16

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You lucky bastard...

You da man dad! U have skills. Im very jealous too. Cute kid btw.

Why do humans have different blood types? And do other mammals have different blood types as well?

I think it looks a little dangerous, but AWESOME! So long as the kid is strapped in, the child should be fine. It's awesome to see a parent spending TIME with and on their child, and for putting in a LOT of extra effort to see them happy. :) buy viagra online ireland

wish my dad made me one haha cheap free viagra viagra You do know they actually sell MinusIq check their website my brother brought one.

What is worse under eating or eating too much ? buy viagra online ireland I'm guessing your shit smells good?

What do tattoos do to the body and it's functions? How can they/the ink harm and/or benefit it?

Was the child the test subject!?


I understand the feeling, believe me. buy viagra online ireland @leroy630 Hey nice to see you again, yes I'm still modeling part time

must be nice being a high priced hooker.

Is this a joke?

Now I see it All !

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How many kids could say They had a Roller coaster in there Own backyard not to Many. Great Job dad#1

WHAT IS LUCID DREAMING & HOW DO YOU LUCID DREAM?!?!?! buy viagra online ireland

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Sometimes I feel like needles are going trough me

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Can blind people dream? cheap viagra in the uk This must be what angry grandpa takes

agreed buy viagra online ireland Wow. I should have guessed that someone would throw in some anti-religious comment. This video has nothing to do with religion, so the comment section should follow suit.

because you're lucky

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Never forget 5/25


Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

why do people have finger nails? buy viagra online ireland

OR viagra super active Haha, funny !

loved this. Also I'd like to point out something missed: Vader was flying in the a 1 of a kind prototype T.I.E. fighter that hand shields and a hyperdrive, things not found on any of other Imperial fighters used in combat that day; convenient, no? :p buy viagra online ireland Tesla Misc Inventions: Cosmic Rays, Plasma, Ball Lighting, Neutrino, Ether, Fusion, Faster-than-Light, Interplanetary Communications, Teleportation, Matter/Thought Projection, Invisibility, Mind Control, Healing Devices, Cosmic Ray Motor, 1931 Elecric Car, Electric Arc Aircraft, TV machine, Recording Devices, Gravity Motor, Metal Analyzer, Underground Locator, Translator device, Flying Machine

This guys a BAMF.

for Gucci Sunglasses;

Yep can I buy one of these right now because these comments make me want to take one really badly.

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Remember Me?

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