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November 14, 2012, 18:07

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The sun.

I didn't  see roller coaster

The Millennium Falcon was a freighter, not a fighter.

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I'm sooo ready for this...I can finally blend in. I can get the welfare and food stamps too.

@rene971 Oh time to clean the browser history again :/

this is so f-ed up!!!

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I want the plans so i can build one

This is amazin! Best dad ever!

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What affects does urination once, twice, THREE TIMES?! have on your sleep cycle?

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If someone would built that at home, here in germany, you would get arrested when someones sees your kids riding this selfmade coaster. Wish someone would make some nice little thing for me, this really makes me jealous. (Not the Coaster itself, the caring parents) viagra online uk This video just shows what the father would do just to see his children happy. Soo beautiful 3.

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Discount There's a vSauce video about that. Some scientists believe it's an evolutionary trait so we can all be alert as a group. The contagious yawning effect. One person yawns as a signal to everyone to signal is everyone alert? Pharmacy Price


You actually dream almost the entire time you are asleep, however you forget most of it, as if it never happened. For most people you only remember the last minute or so (sometimes more) of the dream you were having when the alarm clock woke you up. walmart cialis price

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When we yawn, does it mean we're sleepy? walmart cialis price

The Gungans were behind this

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why is the internant is adicting?

what isnt dangerous for the kid?

And then it breaks.

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This is what happens when you are related to phineas and ferb buy viagra online in Is it impossible to see spirits?

depends on which rapper ... The popular stuff today might not be the best example of good rap music. Every music genre has good and bad extremes. walmart cialis price Lucky little girl!

The Tesla Phenomenon "Resonant rise" at 1 : 30 seconds below describes, "the returning current" from the outskirts of Hurricane Erin on 09/11/2001 could be 100-500 Terrawatts of energy directed toward the WTC and explains WTC7 & the 1400 toasted cars found on 9/11.

Mind blown

Again daddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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Remember Me?

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