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November 14, 2012, 18:07

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What about the science of feeling the need to back out of doing something and how you "chicken out"?


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I'd take it.

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Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

I have just had my grandfather die, can you tell us the science of felling loss?

Tho that looks quite fun and awesome! It still can be very dangerous.

And so redneck Disney world was created

depends on which rapper ... The popular stuff today might not be the best example of good rap music. Every music genre has good and bad extremes.


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A little sketchy?

9/11 walmart cialis price

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Reminds me of my dad, he built me a 20 foot treehouse in the big oak tree in our front yard. Man, I miss my childhood. What a great dad... You can clearly see the love he has for his child.

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Damn that kid is having a hell of a childhood

word, was thinking the same thing

They should be using footage from the original movie, not that God-awful enhanced version. walmart cialis price

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Automatically dismissing a mountain of race and intelligence data and resorting to ad hominem attacks reveals your own insecurities - not mine. walmart cialis price for Louis Vuitton Handbag;

Northeast Asia was also affected by White colonialism yet they're thriving. How do you explain that? Hmmm? White Christian Europeans were also heavily colonized by brown skinned muslimes for several hundreds yet they're thriving as well. The pattern is clear. The history of colonialism doesn't seem to suppress high-IQ racial groups. Therefore, it can't really explain chronic global brown backwardness. Instead, their low-IQs best explain their chronic underperformance.

Alderaan, not Aldebran.

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Remember Me?

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