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January 10, 2013, 03:11

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I'm a "liberal" and I approve of this rollercoaster.


you can have it. weed FTW!!!!

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The "Official Story" is "Fire" did it. Problem is, none of those will tern an entire building, all of its contents to Gray Nano-Dust in 8-10 sec.

@lee916 Oh time to clean the browser history again :/

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Finally!! A truth movement I can fully support and stand behind!!

That was AWESOME!

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I have an alarm set, but I wake up anywhere from 10 minutes to 1hour before it rings. I've never used a snooze button in my life, I just get up. cialis super active review

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Falling asleep while listening to music can actually have some pretty crazy affects on your dreams, and even sleep stages as far as I know. But certain tones in music, or certain feelings you get from listening to some songs can really affect how your dreams play out. As far as I know, there are no negative, if not, any long term negative affects of listening to music while sleeping. It's probably more relaxing than just sleeping. cheap deal viagra ▲✔▲✔▲✔It doesn't matter wHeres what I do,e your journey begins, so long as you begin it

i guess ur aware now that its a joke but "and many"???? lol cialis super active review Bornig, but this is great.

Is mike the chicken real

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if i want to take 2 pills. would i be smart enough to do it after i taken the 1st XD

thats amazing i wish i had one :D

Well... looks like somebody didn't catch the pun.

Brilliant video! Thanx. cialis super active review

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That would be something if the kids voice was in reverse too ! cialis super active review

Ehh, I guess I,all offer my ten cents. All the comments are pretty much just playing ring around the rosy with the actual issues. Color isn't actually why things such as slavery occur. As long as something is to be gained people will attempt to take advantage of others. Skin color just happens to be a good excuse. It's core human behavior. If you wish to complain blame that.


Best dad ever :')

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Remember Me?

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