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December 04, 2012, 22:48

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is the pill a book called the bible?

Nothin better than hearing the laughter of ur own child...that's awesome.

are you ready to go up!? cialis no perscription I watched this before going to sleep. Its 1:50am and i gotta be up at 7am. Im so gonna hit that snooze button

@bradley168 Heyya I was just checking my dad browser history really...I am pretty sure I'm the only female around here, lol

Intelligence is not just a number based on IQ test, it goes a lot more deep. There are more studies that have to carried out to find out in detail.


Here's a burning question I want answered? Do people yawn when they are sleeping and what is the purpose of yawning?

Go back to sleep, sheeple.

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Tesla invented the idea of the Ether, the Force. cialis coupons Did anyone else yawn when the person drew the picture of the guy yawning ? Or is it just me ?

This guys a BAMF. cialis no perscription The Minnesota transracial adoption study controlled for environmental influences on IQ scores yet the widely observed racial IQ gaps still remained.

The average IQ of the human race is 100, not of whites, so by suggesting that, logic implies that a third group, (asians are the only other major group you haven't mentioned) has an average IQ of over 120, and thus smarter than "whites", which kind of goes against your arguments. Please remember to know what an IQ is before posting.

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if the sarcasm, and pathos, are lost on you then take another pill


UBL's father did. UBL being Usama bin Laden... That's the connection...

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che man ak nadie habla en castellano???????? jeje xD

Stop spying on your nephew, you trollop.

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