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August 30, 2012, 08:53

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.... A real roller coaster is much stronger though, Keep that in mind.

▲✔▲✔▲✔Además no es tan malo vivir solo. Yo la paso bien, decidiendo a cada instante lo que quiero hacer, y gracias a la soledad me conozco; algo fundamental para vivir

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Xbox or ps3? generic viagra from india I would break that I'm too fat hahahahahhahaahahhah

and also they talk many things....although we find same....e.g. birds chirping...dog's barking (sorry for bad english)


That isn't wedge! Or should i question if that was wedge originally..confused!

Why are right handed or left handed..? generic viagra from india Dangerous? Nonsense. The car has a harness for the kid, and retainers to keep it on the tracks. This is very well done by someone who went to a huge effort to do it right. You wish your dad did that for you!  I know I do.



yeah, low iq means your mind picks up non-trivial and menial things to think about since they're neither curious nor interested in knowledge & so they have opinion on things that don't matter to them whatsoever.

The statement that blacks haven't accomplished much is actually a widely believed statement that is mostly false. Have you heard of the Ghana, Mali, or Songhai Empires? These are empires that existed in Western Africa from 830-1600 that were massively wealthy and traded with the Islam civilizations, each other, and the Europeans. Timbuktu was a religious center for muslims. The trade in those empires created trade networks and brought people from many cultures together.


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Then don't bother responding my comment if you don't care bitch.

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Bacteria. generic viagra from india If you had any idea what a successful rapper truly was, you wouldn't be posting such an atrocity of a comment like this. Go home kid.

Why do humans have a different sense of taste? Example, I hate sour cream,,but why do others love it so much? Why!?

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