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January 24, 2013, 01:42

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why is the internant is adicting?

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They have glands in their feet that secrete butter. So cats always land butter side down. cheap cialis overnight

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Yeah, he also keeps calling Alderan Aldebran


Relax "bry3lot". This construction looks very solid and that turn is not dangerous at all. Do you see anyone wearing helmet in Six Flags on Kongda Ka? I guess not cheap cialis overnight People who ask "Can I ask you a question?"... Didn't give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?

What he said is mostly true, but its

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ok. so we are basically agreeing on the same thing.

The grammatically correct, civil debate has restored my faith in humanity on YouTube.

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I saw the Nexus too.... :)

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Go bathe in Lysol face down. cheap viagra in uk It was somewhere around "Alderbran" that I got the joke that so many "facts"in this are intentionally wrong. That was when the video went from good to great.

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Wonderful feat of engineering, and with the safeguard that the child can't ride it without him too :) I'd have traded all my game systems to have a dad like this. Kudos!

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i think it is because during the day there are many noises around you that you tend to "tune out" to hear the music which makes the sound weaker cause you still pick up the other sounds, where as at night less sounds so you can hear the music better leaving it to sound louder. *idk, just my guess*

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Was thinking the exact same thing while reading the comments

i think you are the stupid one :) cheap cialis overnight

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I've heard that shorter naps are good because they give you a bit of rest, but they also don't let you go too far into your sleep cycle. So like, if you napped for a couple of hours, you might wake up in the middle of deep sleep, which would make you feel more sleepy. But if you only nap for like 30min, then your body doesn't have the chance to get into very deep sleep.

yea I need to stop looking like a troll, your totally right.

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