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July 26, 2012, 10:17

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Wow that's a really loving father. I hope the kid doesn't turnout to be a douche when he grows up


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As opposed to atheists who are the most polite people in the world - especially towards Christians... buy viagra usa

my point is IQ doesn't dictate a persons tolerance level. cheap mexico viagra Why does it take aome people 5 mins to fall asleep and others half hour or longer weather being tired or not

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is the pill a book called the bible?

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I hope the kid has a seatbelt on! buy viagra usa for Gucci Sunglasses;

Ashkenazi Jews (White Jews) have the highest average IQs.

W.. T.. F!?

To all the people arguing about religion and politics on this all-in-fun video, I only have one thing to say: "You need to go home and re-think your life."

O_o I didn't know about those...

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What do dreams actually mean?

That's so cute.. Awesome kid, awesome dad. buy viagra usa

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In fact, super intelligent people tend to be a bit misanthropic. After all, it's not easy to deal with dumb individuals.

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On the other, he'll burn out of it by 16 and nothing will thrill his jimmies.

Alderaan, there is no b in there.

When people interact one on one such distrust is generally overcome. The problem comes from institutionalized racism. I really think that such has been mostly eradicated in America.

If you play the Death Star's "core explosion" in super slow motion, you can plainly see a series of micro explosions on the hull. Quite plainly, thermal detonators all over the surface, unless explosions travel faster than the speed of light, which is impossible by the laws of relativity. buy viagra usa

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 buy viagra usa Looks fun but I wouldn't feel safe there's no fence the cart could fall right off and he looks like he's getting whip lash!!!

Don't think they can lower the populations IQ any further. There already letting the mega banks rape them and destroy the global economy. Letting them send the world into poverty and control. How much stupid can the populous get?




Remember Me?

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