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January 21, 2013, 20:18

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The average intelligence is same across all cultures, the Education is the only missing link. They are a few generations behind in terms of "know-how", but the base intelligence is still the same. uninsured cost of cialis This guy trolled you so hard ^^ so i don't know who did overdose ;].

"An army of 1M0 dead, annihilated in an instant, he said, would not reveal even under the most powerful microscope just what catastrophe had caused its destruction."


BENJAMIN FRANKLIN who almost died flying kites in a Thunderstorm. I didn't see any "Kites" in Star Wars.

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As to differences in measured racial IQ, it is probably cultural. Some cultures embrace learning while others shun it. IQ is pliable, in that constant exercise of the mind does increase IQ.

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The sun. uninsured cost of cialis PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION! Does walking a mile give you the same benefit has running a mile? Because yeah, you work harder when running, but it takes shorter than walking. Whereas walking requires less energy, but it takes longer to do it. Get it? It's kinda hard to explain. THANKS! (btw this is my fourth time trying to get this comment right because I kept on hitting the "done" button by accident. Ignore all my other comments!

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