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January 21, 2013, 20:18

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Nope. Countless tests have proven exactly the opposite. That IQ is mostly genetically inherited. And again, the Minnesota transracial adoption study proved that the widely observed racial IQ gaps are mostly genetically inherited and not the result of environmental influences. And people usually live in bad neighborhoods because they have low-IQs. That's why the neighborhood sucks. It's full of stupid people. And yes, most people in brown 3rd world countries do indeed have low-IQs.

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Well, I guess we know who wasn't in school the day they were explaining the concept of parody...

yesssss now we all can be like americans!!!!

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It was for the kid, so relax.

Lucid Dreaming? Well, just be aware you are dreaming..pretty much.

The English are the ones that first invented the name soccer but they stopped using it.

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Where's the comments of this guy being an unfit parent lol. uninsured cost of cialis

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tree was miles away ...just looks close cause of the angles.. the guy had his kid strapped in and everything .. obviously checked it all out.

I had friends on that Death Star!!! D": Bastards!

is the pill a book called the bible?

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AWESOME !!! Best stuff I've seen in a while. Nicely built too. The dad of the year award goes to this guy. Thumbs up bro.

There's no doubt in my mind that the Jedi cult was behind this all. The whole theory of Jedi extinction is bullshit, ever heard of Obi-Won? He was sited using his lightsaber in a Cantina on Tatoine, some even say Luke Skywalker was there with him. What's more shocking is that he was Anakin Skywalker's old master before he joined the Sith (yes, Anakin was once a Jedi!). It's all coming together.

Coolest dad ever!

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