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October 01, 2012, 01:40

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that tree looks like a safety hazard...

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Pardon me... but


They have glands in their feet that secrete butter. So cats always land butter side down.

Exactly. You're testing the IQ defined by those tests, and not necessarily the base intelligence.

True, but they were also put into slavery, or some state of servility, and those white empires drained their resources. That's what's happened in every single war in the history of mankind. The reason underdeveloped countries are underdeveloped is because they were weaker than the first empires, were dominated, drained of any resources they had, and once they gained freedom, they had no way of sustaining themselves. I'm an American, but I know how much we've taken a shit on the developing world. viagra coupons and discounts

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The first one has to be Rob D - Clubbed To Death, a few others are from the Matrix Soundtrack, too. The one that starts at I'm not sure, it slips my mind as I try to name it. viagra coupons and discounts Nope. IQ tests have been designed to remove any kind of cultural bias. As to the accusation that they're somehow tailored towards Whites and against non-Whites, how does one explain Northeast Asians having slightly higher IQs than Whites? And no, there's absolutely no evidence to support the completely absurd idea that the cognitive abilities of all racial groups is exactly the same. We've identified hundreds of genetic mutations separating White brains from black brains.

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Also everything I have written, Has been satirical if you couldn't understand that yet. Obviously George lucas has read some books on Tesla and enjoyed his ideas for the future. so why wouldn't he integrate Tesla's ideas/concepts into his movie.

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The Minnesota transracial adoption study controlled for environmental influences on IQ scores yet the widely observed racial IQ gaps still remained. buy price viagra I wish i made kingda ka in my backyard XD

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a totsi pop? viagra coupons and discounts Sometimes I feel like needles are going trough me

What's all the science of "zoning out?" I do that a lot and i was just wondering.

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Here, I can answer this one, I've been getting these a lot lately, its called a "head rush", when you're laying or sitting down, the blood in your body is distributed equally for the most part, but when you stand up quickly, the blood doesn't have time to adjust itself and gets pulled down towards your feet, causing a sudden drop in blood pressure which results in the symptoms you're describing.

I love your videos. Just wanted to say that.


This may sound like a stupid question but can you actually "catch up"on sleep? viagra coupons and discounts

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Why and how do we fall in love?

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Remember Me?

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