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October 01, 2012, 01:40

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"War is a 1000 Infernos"

i was expecting the kid to fall out pfft

you are a limited cunt mouth, I AM sorry for your ass.

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When we yawn, does it mean we're sleepy?

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bc im going to wake up at 6:30am on the weekends

OK, that was just AWESOME. Well done!!!

Omg that was amazing

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Is mike the chicken real

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So does this mean theirs a smart pill out their?

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Why do people tend to laugh when tickled?

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Millions of White Christian Europeans were enslaved by brown skinned muslims. Yet Whites are still thriving today. Blacks being brought over to the USA as slaves was actually the best thing that ever happened to blacks. Their standards of living soared. Liberia serves as a giant test lab to see how blacks in America would live without an advanced White society to leech off of. The average person in Liberia lives on about a day and people are literally cannibalized in the streets...

I just get sooo tired of the fiction the Empire continuously feeds us. I even heard that Luke, the "shooter", turned off his tracking computer right before the amazing magic shot. And when has even a galactic star destroyer, let alone the Emperor's Premiere Battle Station, been destroyed by a couple proton torpedoes in an exhaust port??? This goes so deep, sheeple!!!

Boy howdy I did not want to learn this...though I feared the truth, I find my best "sleep" is just before the alarm goes off (I'm vaguely awake then, anticipating the alarm...) and after I've hit the snooze 3-4 times realizing I've barely got time to make it to work...

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]]]]]]]]]]]]] viagra coupons and discounts Relax. This is dis-information, giving the theory about 9/11 an Inside Job, using Controlled Demolition of the WTC Towers with TNT Bombs, or "Thermite".

Always bringing up Football vs Soccer its the same game different name.

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Remember Me?

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