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October 07, 2012, 02:18

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Also, Jared Diamond is worth a read.

This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen. I can relate to it because I have noticed so much ignorance and simple-mindedness around me. But I will never reduce my IQ. I'd rather be one of the outsiders like Lisa Simpson or whoever. X)

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The terrorists is trying to speak to us guy's Viagra Oklahoma city

this reminds me of the legendary quote "I'm surrounded by Idiots.(dramatic pause) IDIOTS" does watermelon have viagra effect I think I just bruised a rib laughing.

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Your brain needs more oxygen! ( A simple summary of why you yawn) Also If you want to know more about that check out Vsauce's video about that! It explains alot! :D

So if something wakes us up it isn't good but what if we wake up naturally and go back to be bed and wake up naturally again is that bad to? Many questions?

How did other regions learn how to speak a foreign language without translators ? Viagra Oklahoma city How can we train ourselves into enjoying studying and or help ourselves remember more efficiently what we do study?

3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

technically a lobotomy will do it. A chemical lobotomy exist too.

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I envy that you made this. It's so good! You bastard!

So should you go to sleep earlier if you want to get up earlier? Viagra Oklahoma city

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No, Automatically dismissing a mountain of data disproving old racist studies and resorting to call people of other races low-IQ'd, because of their color and thinking highly of yourself because of you're color, shows you're insecurities. You seriously should go easy on that MinusIQ pill, dude.

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Is this how Idiocracy happened? cheap herbal viagra

Fuck that shit D: Viagra Oklahoma city It may look very safe but you never know, anything can happen, even on real rolercoasters, lol.

Kick Asz!

Pardon me... but

look at the liberals talking about how dangerous this looks.hey fuck heads ever hear of live and let live? this guy did all this for his kid to have a great time.

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Remember Me?

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