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September 19, 2012, 12:03

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bet Cheney had something to do with it cialis super active review Excellent loved it well done and yet so true Im a believer hahaha

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Eco friendly DAD power roller-coaster. natural viagra ... also, Vader was not the highest in command. Governor Tarkin was holding his leash, Luke WAS NOT the only remaining fighter (Wedge Antilles also survived), Anakin made 3PO, NOT R2 (who actually had the plans) ...Geesh! As many holes in this as there are in the 911 conspiracy theories!!

It's making fun of them and they don't even realize it. :v buy viagra using paypal low-IQ does not necessarily lead to underdevelopment, there were many empires in Africa that were successful before colonization, and black-skin doesn't lead to low IQ, so how about posting something that supports your argument with logic, not just random assumed "facts"

Loneliness and boredom. What a shame.

Alderaan, there is no b in there.

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