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September 19, 2012, 12:03

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one of the BEST videos ive eve seen..LITERALLY made me "LOL" hahahaha..

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If George Lucas ever saw this video, he'd probably shit his pants cause someone finally revealed the truth!

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@lonnie961 Hey so bored today

I'm a "liberal" and I approve of this rollercoaster.

@lonnie961 Hey so bored today

Is it possible to raise the dead?


Oh Hell no if I don't use an alarm then I don't wake up buy viagra using paypal

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well, guess i s o

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@VirtuaPilot yh yh ' but she ain't nerd she don! But u nerd .nerd

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Cool question

Can I go live with them? What a great dad! I wonder if he's married. LOL!

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for Rolex Watches;


I wanna ride.

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Remember Me?

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