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September 19, 2012, 22:18

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why do people have finger nails?

Why are people obsessed with stuff

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What is intuition or the gut feeling?

online overnight viagra And in the end Luke made the shot because Obi Wan told him "Use the force Luke" :P :D

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i wants me one of those for my birth day

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the 'treatment' has already been invented, it's called WEED

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I thank thats cool dad u have alot of talent, but dont forget the helmet on the next go round

I have to ask... do you take The Onion seriously too? online overnight viagra

I need to try that. Thanks man! viagra pro online Why is the music so loud?

Looks like fun! online overnight viagra "Nikola Tesla invented "Time Travel" "Faster-than-Light" and "Teleportation". Maybe you should Google it and stop looking like a troll."

Really, then why is every device in Star Wars a Nikola Tesla Invention or Patent at the Patent Office?

best father ever

Evidently you care more because we understand it to be a parody, whereas you take it seriously.

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Remember Me?

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