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September 10, 2012, 15:47

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your dad loves you :)


Explain deja vu please.....thank you...p.s. Asap science rocks!!! viagra dosage

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Welcome to Six Flags over Alabama!!!


That's amazing viagra dosage ........

Id ride it lol

I can see that phineas and ferb grew up :)

@ivan272 Hi I was just checking my dad browser history really...I am pretty sure I'm the only woman watching this video, lol

10 is a gateway to 50 so be cautious.

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Try swallowing your food whole and let me know how that turns out for you. viagra dosage

Also, Jared Diamond is worth a read. buy viagra online order generic viagra Well good for you! Now, Do you mind leaving the "top comment" section after saying the same thing that every other fan boy says? Thank you.

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­oooooow, go cry faggot viagra dosage nice

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What do tattoos do to the body and it's functions? How can they/the ink harm and/or benefit it?

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So cute

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What is an itch? Why are we compelled to scratch it? Why does it feel good?

Why are we so curious?

Why do we dream?

In my case I'll need a triple dose to reach the average Obama's voters level of stupidity...... viagra dosage

Ask your mother. buy cialis now lol....Sky-walker's = BUSH's

I'm currently trying to decode this message, it may mean something important. It'll probably be fully decoded in a couple years. Wish me good luck! :) viagra dosage IVE EARNED 8 IN THE LAST WEEK!🔴⬛⬛🔴

Is it possible to not think?

@keith141 Heyya so bored today


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Remember Me?

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