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November 23, 2012, 00:31

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You also forgot that the Empire actually DID allaow the rebles to get the plans to the death star as mentioned in the book. And the Rebels were formed at Darth Vaders cammand by his apprentice StarKiller!

That's great. Good jawb :)

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Have they even caught Yoda Bin Jedi yet? I bet he's not even real, but he sure makes a nice scapegoat. buy price viagra Whether their standard of living indirectly was improved by enslavement or not, humanity needs a sense of individuality and freedom to survive. I'd rather fight for my life against wild animals and disease than be stuck in enslavement. And, yes, white empires do drain their resources. Always did, still do. I've met many people from Sierra Leone, Uganda and the Congo. They're actually very intelligent and capable of themselves, they just don't have the means to improve life; IE: Resources.

Why are there black people? viagra rrp australia Thanks...I really needed to hear this.

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Agreed, being a smartass an putting others down doesnt make you more inteligent it makes you an asshole haha

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Before jumping on continuity errors in the video, remember.. Fudging little details to help the conspiracy narrative is a hallmark of the videos this is a parody of.

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My question is why do you get a feeling that someone is watching you when you are alone but not when you are with someone?

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