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September 30, 2012, 11:32

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Yeah, he also keeps calling Alderan Aldebran

Shity brain'' do you have?


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the 'treatment' has already been invented, it's called WEED

Science about bags under eyes!?!?

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Omg!!! My eyes have been opened to the truth. Whoa.........

You can count sheep :33

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Y do people sleep

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@mixaracing besides the alderan, i think the idea was in investigation from an outside perspective. So they wouldn't know all the force stuff. Like from a news report. That's why it seems like there is mistakes. Think about what he'a mocking. If we knew all the info about what really happend on 9/11 you would say that loose change has mistakes too.

Hahaha life isn't fair is it?

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The purpose of this video.

So if we have a natural alarm clock, why is mine like 11 am?

An apple tastes like an apple. A steak tastes like a steak.

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Remember Me?

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