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September 30, 2012, 11:32

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the music is way to loud...


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well , u r mostly right , but being smart means thinking, .... so actually ppl who 'think well' are those who won't find 'Real ' reasons to hate other ppl of other races ..etc ,unless its someone who is stubborn and using his thinking to prove his point of view other than searching for the truth :)

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Lets be honest, if you think this is real you probably already took the -50 IQ pill if you know what I mean..

People who are willing to get off their a** to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.

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........ viagra sample "Nikola Tesla could have been the richest person in America, In The World, if he wished for riches, he didn't, he did not care for anything, he did not have time for things that spell success" - Mayor LaGuardia's Eulogy to Tesla on January 10, 1943

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This kid must've had an awesome childhood

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So dumb they rule the world, doesn't sound very dumb to me.

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Remember Me?

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