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November 21, 2012, 15:23

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Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control

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Actually no, he will be to heavy for the roller coaster.........

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Empire is a vague concept. By saying Empire you attempt to classify those "so called empires" as equal to the Roman, Macedonian or the Chinese Empires as an example. They were not. In addition, the so called "civilizations" in Sub-Saharan Africa were practically missing throughout history. What contributions did Sub-Saharan Africa made to the human civilization? Name any major philosophy or a school of thought that emerged from Sub-Saharan Africa and which profoundly changed our way of thinking?

Interesting... just wondering how you got around the connecting fittings...seems to me they would be "bumps" in the track. Evidently you worked that issue out well though.

What is better for you in the morning hot or cold shower?

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Parody is lost on you, Pinky.

@lee916 Oh time to clean the browser history again :/

@dale659 Hi nice to see you again...yep my tits are okay too, thanks for asking, lulz

parenting, you're doing it right.

The Emperor = Prescott Bush (aka George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr's (Father)) director of Union Banking Corp who funded Hitler (Associated Press)

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Give my -30, 4 of them. cheap viagra canada You da man dad! U have skills. Im very jealous too. Cute kid btw.

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Sorry about the rolling comments instead of edits bit of issues on my side anyway, clarification on the scorched earth campaign idea, the rupublic would be established after several decades not after the takeover to ensure no fragmentation occurs during the reconstruction period

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Other then the pushing the kid part this looks like it would be really fun!

▲✔▲✔▲✔Not to dream boldly may turn out to be simply irresponsible. The first and most important step toward...success is the feeling that we can succeed.

You also forgot that the Empire actually DID allaow the rebles to get the plans to the death star as mentioned in the book. And the Rebels were formed at Darth Vaders cammand by his apprentice StarKiller!

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you said art maker

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