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November 21, 2012, 15:23

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Research shows a sleep cycle lasts about 1.5 hours, so its good to set alarm in those increments... Like 6 or 7.5 hours after you go to bed... Adjust according to your schedule.

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Most people really are moronic, Lil Wayne is just a popular moron.

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High-Five to TaskForceSixTwoSix for an awesome conversation.

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with hard work u can get lower IQ without pills..

Boy howdy I did not want to learn this...though I feared the truth, I find my best "sleep" is just before the alarm goes off (I'm vaguely awake then, anticipating the alarm...) and after I've hit the snooze 3-4 times realizing I've barely got time to make it to work... cheap viagra canada

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nah...no snooze button for me, it makes it worse....I just get up & get it over with

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Brilliant! I love it.

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Or you can read the bible

technically a lobotomy will do it. A chemical lobotomy exist too.

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