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December 07, 2012, 19:01

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I'll take two minus 50's please.


Also, Jared Diamond is worth a read.

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That would be something if the kids voice was in reverse too ! non prescription viagra Aldebran? :)

Is it "good" to crack your bones?

Back to the Future (Dr Brown is Tesla) movie uses 88MPH and a 150ft step-down from the Clock, in order to capture the lighting. NASA admits, in order to capture lighting, you need a 150 foot step-down.

ok. so we are basically agreeing on the same thing.

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What is fear?

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Dude, you've been in gave for the past.. what.. 35 years? :D

This video is very stupid

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Yes, and why would the empire intrust one of the rebel leaders imprisoned in carbon freeze to a bounty hunter. The whole cloud city incident doesn't make sense either. buy later now pay viagra 3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

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Juokinga, kad pasakoja apie toleranciją, o patys varo ant repo. Repas yra muzikos stilius, kuris gali būt įvairus, yra ir šūdo yra ir gerų dainų. Pritaikė kažkokį labai gudrą stereotipą, ale protingųjų žmonių. Educate yourself.

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And no, Whites didn't drain all of their resources. The 3rd world nations that were resource rich still were after White colonization. They're underdeveloped primarily because they have low-IQs.

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This id one of the funniest things I've seen on youtube in a while.

That's awesome. I see a physics major in the works (roller coaster designers use physics)

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"Write the average rap song" - priceless! non prescription viagra for Gucci Sunglasses;

what is a black hole

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Don't think they can lower the populations IQ any further. There already letting the mega banks rape them and destroy the global economy. Letting them send the world into poverty and control. How much stupid can the populous get?

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