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October 28, 2012, 20:42

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Lord Vader loves you.



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i mean we see them all same do they see themselves different from each other????

If you've ever played a video game going to bed at a certain time every night just isn't possible...

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It's making fun of them and they don't even realize it. :v

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Why can't humans fly

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Dangerous? Nonsense. The car has a harness for the kid, and retainers to keep it on the tracks. This is very well done by someone who went to a huge effort to do it right. You wish your dad did that for you!  I know I do.

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... also, Vader was not the highest in command. Governor Tarkin was holding his leash, Luke WAS NOT the only remaining fighter (Wedge Antilles also survived), Anakin made 3PO, NOT R2 (who actually had the plans) ...Geesh! As many holes in this as there are in the 911 conspiracy theories!! buy no online prescription viagra whoa this is amazing

lowest price viagra I thank thats cool dad u have alot of talent, but dont forget the helmet on the next go round


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Remember Me?

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