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November 30, 2012, 15:25

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In all fairness - the documentary is clearly set after RotJ -- note how the voice over mentions that the "family" is obsessed with ruling the galaxy, details of Leia being Luke's sister was not even revealed to her until RotJ, and would not have been public knowledge in the SW universe until much later...

why does he keep drawing Butters for his examples?

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Do adult teeth ever fall out? How much damage would have to happen? Or.. How much would you have to not brush/clean them before they fell out?

thats amazing i wish i had one :D

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Science about bags under eyes!?!? guaranteed cheapest viagra Why are people trying to use colonialism as a point that white people are smarter. Last time I checked for most of europes hisory it was savages wearing sheepskin with shops that had pictures on the signs because 99% of the population was illiterate. Europe isnt even a good example until the 20th century when they stopped killing themselves a tiny bit


Why do i like computers and technology? i mean, i'm an asian

Tesla "Back to the Future" car is "Electric". Powered by a Nuclear-Magnetic (Electric) Motor, and a 1.21 Terrawatt Lighting Strike. The Lighting (Cosmic Rays) react with the nuclear material, releasing Trillions of Watts in order to Teleport. In Tesla's words, ahead in time, not back in time.

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can you discuss how different body types gain and lose weight? muscle mass, fat, hydration, etc.

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--Other than that - excellent parody! Loved it!

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ok. so we are basically agreeing on the same thing.

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why do bones pop but dont break or dislocate? guaranteed cheapest viagra

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Disney take notes

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