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October 09, 2012, 18:25

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Wtf has this to do with political ideology


Actually he doesn't sound like a 10 year old girl. You're just like people at school that think they're "cool" because they say inaproppriate words and are selfish to others. And by the way, every individual person thinks differently than everyone else in the world. buy viagra online

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This could actually be a brilliant product. I'd like stock options, pls!! buy viagra online @mixaracing besides the alderan, i think the idea was in investigation from an outside perspective. So they wouldn't know all the force stuff. Like from a news report. That's why it seems like there is mistakes. Think about what he'a mocking. If we knew all the info about what really happend on 9/11 you would say that loose change has mistakes too.

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Heeyyyy...Im half White!

That kid is crazy

for Rolex Watches; buy viagra online Intelligence is not just a number based on IQ test, it goes a lot more deep. There are more studies that have to carried out to find out in detail.

Reading these comments makes me realize that some of the stupid people were not filtered out at the video's beginning


the max IQ in history was the one belonging to Leonardo Da Vinci


IKR everything is so easier when u dont know much abpout the world. when u go off wondering about people and the world overall you start to get strange ideas and stuff and it gets so complicated

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In fact, super intelligent people tend to be a bit misanthropic. After all, it's not easy to deal with dumb individuals. buy locally viagra Reminds me of my dad, he built me a 20 foot treehouse in the big oak tree in our front yard. Man, I miss my childhood. What a great dad... You can clearly see the love he has for his child.

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And they admit that 9/11 was done by Governments and Royalty, including other allies such as Saudi Arabia.

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Is this actually serious? Lol buy viagra online protagonist survives? unthinkable


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Falling asleep while listening to music can actually have some pretty crazy affects on your dreams, and even sleep stages as far as I know. But certain tones in music, or certain feelings you get from listening to some songs can really affect how your dreams play out. As far as I know, there are no negative, if not, any long term negative affects of listening to music while sleeping. It's probably more relaxing than just sleeping.

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It sounds like a joke, but i'm part of the minority of smart people, and as years go by i enjoy it less and less. buy viagra online It's basically like the matrix, know the truth and be miserable, or go with the ignorance is bliss option.

Really creative video sir!

What is an itch? Why are we compelled to scratch it? Why does it feel good?

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Remember Me?

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