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January 19, 2013, 21:41

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i wont be surprised if people come at me saying that they are tolerant of different races & LGBT's ergo they are smart & intelligent while in reality, they can be still dumb as a pin deluded by this human-engineering concept.

In what way? What did I say that was hypocritical?

Do humans actually get obsessed with things? or is it jus another english term?

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I WANT A ROLLERCOASTER i wish i had a dad lol sadness


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Dude fcking no liver this movie Sucks anyway

first of all star wars is bs a laser can't blow up a planet it defiies all laws of physics and common scence.

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Consider how low a person's IQ has to be to see a rapper as being brighter:) buy prescription viagra without

Double minus is still minus cheap phizer viagra Haha someone should really make this.

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I could just see him comming out and hitting his noggin on that tree

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