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January 19, 2013, 21:41

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"Nikola Tesla could have been the richest person in America, In The World, if he wished for riches, he didn't, he did not care for anything, he did not have time for things that spell success" - Mayor LaGuardia's Eulogy to Tesla on January 10, 1943

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Tesla Misc Inventions: Cosmic Rays, Plasma, Ball Lighting, Neutrino, Ether, Fusion, Faster-than-Light, Interplanetary Communications, Teleportation, Matter/Thought Projection, Invisibility, Mind Control, Healing Devices, Cosmic Ray Motor, 1931 Elecric Car, Electric Arc Aircraft, TV machine, Recording Devices, Gravity Motor, Metal Analyzer, Underground Locator, Translator device, Flying Machine

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