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January 31, 2013, 19:47

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What they won't tell you is that they opposed studies that sought to find the specific genes responsible for the racial IQ differences... Which tells you everything you need to know about how the scientific community is dominated and perveretd by the politically correct hard-left... viagra and cialis

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Blacks in America voted with their feet. Most rejected the offer to be relocated back to Liberia after they were freed. That's because they knew their quality of life was better in America, even under racial segregation, than it was back in Africa. And keep in mind that most blacks brought to America as slaves were already slaves to rival blacks and arab muslims. Would you rather be a slave in America or Africa? And over 1 million Whites were indeed enslaves by brown skinned muslims. viagra and cialis correction: unprecedented

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I think it is more philosophical than you use to think ;p viagra and cialis

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you can't have an IQ over 200.....wow.

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