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August 22, 2012, 05:58

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Eu tbm

trust me im an engineer.

I dont understand, this video is far too deep for me. No, really, I dont understand. Can anyone explain? cheap pill pill sale viagra

Stupid people aka Obama voters cheap generic india viagra haha i know it's a joke but this actually makes me feel better about benig dumb^^

father of the year ....goes to...... cheap pill pill sale viagra Go bathe in Lysol face down.


color me Impressed. xD

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But I love the feeling of waking up and getting to go back to sleep before having to get up, either way I'm going to be waking up like 4 hours earlier than usual so it matters not.

4) Cats land on their feet because of the so called cat rifhting reflex. The moment it start falling towards the ground it automaticaly turns towards its feet. Why? For starters they have unsually flexible backbone and no fuctional collarbone. So their back is basically like a rubber, very flexible. When? The minimum requed high for this to happen have to be around 30cm.

if u have any OTHER questions, i will answer it.

So dumb they rule the world, doesn't sound very dumb to me.

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In a competition for the best dad this guy would probably win. cheap pill pill sale viagra

You must have taken the MinusIQ, congrats you have down syndrome buy viagra 50mg

3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!! cheap pill pill sale viagra Millions of "White Christian European" slaves? Closest I can find is Robert Davis saying *one* million over 250 years...

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I sense a conspiracy.

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This is genius. buy viagra online without prescription Im not sure, but I think this douche just offended me.

cheap pill pill sale viagra Tesla & Colorado Experiment, 1893 - named "Ground Zero"

Well good for you! Now, Do you mind leaving the "top comment" section after saying the same thing that every other fan boy says? Thank you.

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"War is a 1000 Infernos" cheap pill pill sale viagra

at which point does a foetus receive its soul? buy sildenafil viagra Well done young Jedi.

What IF it's possible that when Luke shot the torps, Vader used the Force to guide the torps into the hole? cheap pill pill sale viagra Lucky little girl!


Lol. Brilliant. Lol

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Remember Me?

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