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November 10, 2012, 13:45

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Im not sure, but I think this douche just offended me.

@howard576 Heyya time to clean the browser history again :/

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Beautiful childhood!!! =)

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There's no doubt in my mind that the Jedi cult was behind this all. The whole theory of Jedi extinction is bullshit, ever heard of Obi-Won? He was sited using his lightsaber in a Cantina on Tatoine, some even say Luke Skywalker was there with him. What's more shocking is that he was Anakin Skywalker's old master before he joined the Sith (yes, Anakin was once a Jedi!). It's all coming together.

I don't know what to say

wtf!!! that is super cool! dam it can i have a blue print of it! lol

lol the last minute was hilarious cheap prescription viagra without

that doesn't look safe buy viagra online order Does playing games make someone smarter? LOL

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You're kidding, right? Right....?

@eugene111 Hey good to see ya again...still studying and getting some cash out of modeling  cheap prescription viagra without

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redshift I think cheap prescription viagra without

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Also the Millenium Falcon is a FREIGHTER not a FIGHTER.

What's the science of lost time, like when your having fun an hour can seem like a minute.

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Lolol trop fort cheap prescription viagra without The Gungans were behind this

Lolol trop fort

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haha i know it's a joke but this actually makes me feel better about benig dumb^^

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Remember Me?

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