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November 10, 2012, 13:45

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The science of heartbreak? Pleaaasee.

IQ!? What is that shit some kind of test!?like in school with math and that shits!?lolo this guy is dumpy like IQ believes..

What is that kid saying

dogs need to stop raping our children! cheap prescription viagra without

Because we are Homo sapiens and all homo sapiens have the same trait and body parts.. is viagra safe for women Lol you sound ignorant. I thank your comment for a laugh. 

Uh Oh - we have a winner ! cheap prescription viagra without I have just had my grandfather die, can you tell us the science of felling loss?

lol the last minute was hilarious

He already did this one! :)


I am at 163 can you just drop my ass by 100 points please. So I can be just here. cheap prescription viagra without

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this cant b real

this is amazing! I would so ride in it all day! lol

If my IQ were a little higher, I would be certain that this was sarcasm. cheap prescription viagra without

buy viagra online order vicious (cycle), Gregory

Xbox or ps3? cheap prescription viagra without @virgil421 Oh so bored today

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Omg!!! My eyes have been opened to the truth. Whoa.........

LOVING the hopeless nerds commenting on the pronunciation of one of the fictional planets in Star Wars!!! cheap prescription viagra without

How many kids could say They had a Roller coaster in there Own backyard not to Many. Great Job dad#1 buy viagra online at cheap price What is the perfect technique for sucking dick?

This video is quite amazing. cheap prescription viagra without you said art maker


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why do people have finger nails?

Why do we always have dreams just a few minutes before the alarm clock rings?

Does mountain dew really decrease your sperm? cheap prescription viagra without

Do it again Daddy, do it again and again and again and again!!!! ;-) buy viagra 50mg My IQ places me at about one in 1.8 million and I voted for Obama. There is a difference between being stupid and being conned by a professional. In retrospect voting for Obama was not good, but the alternative was worse by a razor thin margin.

Reading these comments makes me realize that some of the stupid people were not filtered out at the video's beginning cheap prescription viagra without Whites have had some of the most powerful and advanced civilizations in all of human history. They conquered about 85% of the globe. Even during the eras of their relative backwardness - like the Middle Ages - contrary to popular belief, they weren't just rolling around in the mud... But regardless, I somewhat agree with Jared Diamond that environmental factors played a large role in the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history. However, modern racial inequality is mostly genetic.

I didn't  see roller coaster

That is sooooo cool!!!

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