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December 19, 2012, 06:40

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If you believe it is true or even start to consider it... you don't need it.

Is a real rollercoaster in your backyard made of pvc with a stick for propulsion?

▲✔▲✔▲✔It doesn't matter wHeres what I do,e your journey begins, so long as you begin it

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cheap price viagra LOL... I wish I had one of these when I was little.

Why can't humans fly

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BENJAMIN FRANKLIN who almost died flying kites in a Thunderstorm. I didn't see any "Kites" in Star Wars.


Wow I love this vid, so funny

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Falling asleep while listening to music can actually have some pretty crazy affects on your dreams, and even sleep stages as far as I know. But certain tones in music, or certain feelings you get from listening to some songs can really affect how your dreams play out. As far as I know, there are no negative, if not, any long term negative affects of listening to music while sleeping. It's probably more relaxing than just sleeping. buy cialis online for Gucci Sunglasses;

on multiple counts cheap price viagra This kid should be home reading books, not riding in dad's roller coaster.

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@eugene111 Hey good to see ya again...still studying and getting some cash out of modeling 

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If you've ever played a video game going to bed at a certain time every night just isn't possible...

Yes, there might be something wrong with you. Go see a doctor.

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Who could split "Alderaan/Earth" in Two? 1912, "Nikola Tesla, Dreamer" published in World Today, artist's illustration showing EARTH CRACKING IN HALF the caption, "Tesla claims that in a few weeks he could set the earth's crust into such a state of vibration that would practically destroy civilization. wikipedia org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla viagra uk cheap purchase buy Star Wars is actually a perfect example of a story that reinforces conspiracies. Considering the emperor lead the republic as chancellor and the separatists as Darth Sidius then benefited from the fabricated war between them.

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Sounds like "Clubbed to Death". I've heard it on Pandora.

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Remember Me?

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