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August 13, 2012, 14:39

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The grammatically correct, civil debate has restored my faith in humanity on YouTube.

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you're missing the important of the comment, where he calls it a stunt. Implying that there was at some point an actual explosion on a Death Star. buy sale viagra for Rolex Watches;

Oh Hell no if I don't use an alarm then I don't wake up


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What is better for you in the morning hot or cold shower?

Because literal interpreters of the bible are the only people willing to oppose irrefutable evidence in favor of theory of evolution

This kid should be home reading books, not riding in dad's roller coaster.

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/watch?v=k9CgJYeTxFE cheap pharmacy viagra The video was going great until you bashed racists. It's especially ironic that you did so while making a video about lowering your IQ. The average black Sub-Saharan African IQ is about 70 (the IQ score you selected for absolute morons, remember?) and the average brown "hispanic" IQ is about 80. In comparison, the average White IQ is about 100. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for the ignorant and brainwashed libtards jacking off to this video, but that's a scientific validation of racism...

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That's cool as all get out

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Why do you twitch when you sleep? or Why do you feel something when you sleep like for example falling while ice skating in your dreams but you feel it in real life? buy nexium ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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Wedge Antilles was played by two actors. The one in the briefing room got himself fired before they filmed the cockpit scenes.

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Why do we laugh?

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]]]]]]]]]]]]] viagra oral Why are there so many misguided dumb people in America where someone like Obama gets elected twice?

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If you never noticed how stupid you are yourself, you might very well not take the pill because it might actually reduce your iq to the negative.

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