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September 27, 2012, 15:54

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Empire is a vague concept. By saying Empire you attempt to classify those "so called empires" as equal to the Roman, Macedonian or the Chinese Empires as an example. They were not. In addition, the so called "civilizations" in Sub-Saharan Africa were practically missing throughout history. What contributions did Sub-Saharan Africa made to the human civilization? Name any major philosophy or a school of thought that emerged from Sub-Saharan Africa and which profoundly changed our way of thinking?

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@brett938 Hi I was just checking my brother browser history actually...I guess I'm the only woman watching this video, lol

@cody761 Oh I was just spying my dad browser history really...I bet I'm the only female around here, lulz

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is me or does he kid sound like pikachu saying "pikaaaa"

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I would like to know why people think coffee wakes them up. I don't understand the "don't talk to me until I have my coffee" attitude. cheap phizer viagra Also see the Secret Service Stand-Down:

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When people interact one on one such distrust is generally overcome. The problem comes from institutionalized racism. I really think that such has been mostly eradicated in America.

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How do you people know how many calories a food has?

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