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September 27, 2012, 15:54

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I'm guessing it won't be long before some stick in the mud government official wants to take his kid away for endangerment? Or tax him for SOMETHING.

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I agree with @peachbliss09 why do people laugh when tickled but,itz impossible to tickle your self? Please answer this! :) cheap viagra viagra

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"Nikola Tesla could have been the richest person in America, In The World, if he wished for riches, he didn't, he did not care for anything, he did not have time for things that spell success" - Mayor LaGuardia's Eulogy to Tesla on January 10, 1943

That is SOOOO cool. buy sildenafil viagra Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you


Xdenmolochx115 wants one that "raises is" he definitely needs one.

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one of the BEST videos ive eve seen..LITERALLY made me "LOL" hahahaha.. buy sildenafil viagra Shity brain'' do you have?

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This id one of the funniest things I've seen on youtube in a while.

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The statement that blacks haven't accomplished much is actually a widely believed statement that is mostly false. Have you heard of the Ghana, Mali, or Songhai Empires? These are empires that existed in Western Africa from 830-1600 that were massively wealthy and traded with the Islam civilizations, each other, and the Europeans. Timbuktu was a religious center for muslims. The trade in those empires created trade networks and brought people from many cultures together. buy sildenafil viagra Coolest dad ever!! Wonder what he'll do when they turn 13?

Oh my god shut up. This is obviously just a parody,

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That video made my day

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Then, we'll all go right ahead and elect and re-elect the same corrupt politicans who keep us all divided, keep screwing us over, and keep getting us into wars and fights we never wanted in the first place! After that, we'll all go politicize geek vids on YouTube! It'll be great! Great Idea, Limey! Luv It! buy sildenafil viagra

The World is ruled by dumb people, they are known as politicians. cheap phizer viagra But the main principle remains.

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I wanna ride.

Is hearing music to fall asleep bad?

I just changed my alarm times

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