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September 03, 2012, 22:36

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After taking this I started watching reality tv


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@jim816 Oh so bored today

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I tried it, and now I have my own reality show! Thanks, MinusIQ!

That kid is having so much fun lol, thats awesome. That kid will probably grow up loving rollercoasters though ;)

Are naps good or bad?


How come after your sitting down after a while and you stand up it gets dark and dizzy?

man thats one strong homemade roller coaster to hold the weight of the kids balls cheap sale viagra

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Well I got shit to do, so this won't work. I wake up at 4 AM everyday except the weekends. Go to the gym then work and help with my family. I'm to busy do that.

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That kid is crazy

Guy should get the dad of the year award! Listen to that laughter.

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